Artist Spotlight No. 6: Carrasco Dance Company

Know first about Mari Carrasco, Artistic Director of Carrasco Dance Company and No.6 of 13 presented artists during Volume V, Issue I. Mari Carrasco, in collaboration with film maker Maceo Frost, challenges stereotype and explores movement in a powerful short dance film. Read more about Carrasco Dance Company on our Artist Spotlight.  


Photo: Martin Rinman

Photo: Martin Rinman

Three words that describe your choreography: 
Breaking Stereotypes, Fierce, Powerful

About Mari + Maceo
Mari Carrasco is artistic director of the Swedish-based Carrasco Dance Company recently performing at Dansens Hus Stockholm, Moderna Dansteatern Stockholm, Kulturhuset Stockholm, Vitabergsparken Stockholm, Norrlandsoperan Umeå and Palladium Malmö. Mari is a graduate of the Professional Dancers Programme at the Stockholm Ballet Academy, and studied at the University of Dance and Circus Stockholm where she concentrated in Dance Pedagogy.

Maceo Frost is a Director/ DOP/Animator based in Stockholm, Sweden. He travels the world making commercials, documentaries and short films.

About Mari's Creative Process
Mari's work is based on a diversity of influences. She aims to push the boundaries of stereotypes, exploring movement by reaching a diverse audience through modern dance.

Photo: Martin Rinman

Photo: Martin Rinman

Do you work in other mediums other than dance? Any other special talents? 
I make excellent coffee! ;-)

What artists are you influenced by? Why so?
My idol is Mats Ek, a swedish choreographer and dancer who has done just about everything. I love his movement language and he is the reason why I started to choreograph.  

We’re all physical beings! What’s your favorite part of the body and why?
My feet are my favorite. They help me feel the ground, stand and dance. The are also very pretty.

What is your most memorable moment as an artist, thus far?
The first time my company and I performed at BIBU, one of Sweden's most important festivals, was a memorable time. The audience was filled with producers and directors and we got a standing ovation that lasted for 7 minutes!

Say what you want to say!
Vi lägger den!!! (We nailed it!!!)

Check out Carrasco Dance Company's Website and find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Learn more about film director Maceo Frost, here.

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