Inspiration of the Day // LoudHoundMovement

We are big admirers of LoudHoundMovement, a NYC-based contemporary dance collective that creates and performs the choreographic work of Co-Artistic Directors Brendan Duggan and Mallory Lynn. Check out a teaser of their newest work, The Span, to premiere at Gowanus Art + Production at Sky Gallery on March 4 + 5. We can't wait to check this out - make sure to snag a seat for yourself, as we hear space is limited!

If you can't make it to the performance, make sure to make it to their workshop - we hear LHM are fans of 90s tunes and grooving in the studio!

LoudHoundMovement presents The Span
An evening length dance performance on March 4th and 5th at Sky Gallery
Produced by Gowanus Art + Production.

Choreography by Brendan Duggan and Mallory Lynn in collaboration with the performers. 
Projection and Installation by Carmen Osterlye. 
Music composed by Gabriel Medina and Hannah Epperson. 
Performed by Kacie Boblitt, Amy Moore, Matt Ortner, Holly Sass, Shelby Terrell, and Dan Walczak.”
Film by Jake Saner.