Artist Spotlight No. 1: Ellen Furey

Know first about Ellen Furey - a Montreal-based dancer, collaborator, maker - and No. 1 of 13 presented artists during Volume V, Issue II. Influenced by unspoken rules, Ellen looks at the invisible divides in her creative process. Read on to learn more about Ellen and how she 'hopes of happening upon a new something' on our Artist Spotlight. 


Photo: Hannah Zoe Davison

Photo: Hannah Zoe Davison

Three words that describe your choreography: 
We Do Show

About Ellen Furey
Ellen Furey works as a dancer, collaborator and maker. She performs internationally with Quebec dance company Daniel Léveillé Danse, is a full-time member of Dancemakers in Toronto and has worked independently with Dana Michel, Marten Spangberg, Benjamin Kamino among others. She’s been researching depressurized modes of making and showing with an interest in equalizing the ratio of private and public doings. Her work has been presented in Montreal and Toronto. Ellen was in residence at PA-F (France), Dancemakers (Toronto) and has been invited to be one of three artists in-residence of the Usine C Third Floor (Montreal) from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016.

About Ellen's Creative Process
I employ old ways, old ideas again, again, again in hopes of happening upon a new something.

Of late I'm influenced by unspoken rules; ones that enact a silencing, stopping, forbidding. Influenced in the most basic sense in that these rules affect me whether I wish them to or not and I generally resent them. But the felt rules ask me to touch them and make them visible. I wonder who divides? What divides? Why? I’m sensing the greys (unspoken 'understandings') in order to push on them, kick them. I suspect something about non-greyness, something about certain divides holding people and their actions, constantly and concretely. I’ve been dancing this.

Do you work in other mediums other than dance? Any other special talents?
When I engage in making, I try not to limit myself to the confines of dance. I'd like to be/do all the things as they pose necessary or interesting.

What artists are you influenced by? Why so?
I'm influenced by artists that make little difference between art and life.

We’re all physical beings! What’s your favorite part of the body and why?
The invisible body parts are my favorite; like the ropes that connect my belly to the bellies of
those I am very close with.

Say what you want to say! Have a quote you live by?
Expect everything and nothing. 

Photo: Christopher Willes 

Photo: Christopher Willes 

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See Ellen's work "Performing Performance" in Volume V, Issue II., on Friday, August 21st at 7:30pm + Sunday, August 23rd at 3pm with Talkback.

Volume V, Issue II. is happening August 21-23, 2015 at the wild project.
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