Artist Spotlight No. 2: Jeff Docimo // Isodoc Dance

Know first about Jeff Docimo - founder and choreographer of Isodoc Dance Group - and No. 2 of 13 presented artists during Volume V, Issue II. Though group investigation of target concepts and individual manipulation of movement, Isodoc Dance constructs work that is isolated, threaded and physical. Learn more about Jeff and Isodoc Dance's process on our Artist Spotlight. 



Three words that describe your choreography: 
isolated, physical, threaded

About Jeff Docimo
Originally from Connecticut, Jeff Docimo moved to Miami to study at the New World School of the Arts where he graduated with a BFA in dance. Currently a member of Punchdrunk, Jeff has also trained under and performed the repertory works of Peter Chu's ChuThis, RUBBERBANDance Group, Bryan Arias, and MADboots Dance Company. He has also performed the choreographies of Kyle Abraham, Rennie Harris, and Robert Battle. Jeff created Isodoc Dance Group to embark in the exploration of his own choreography.

About Jeff's Creative Process
My creative process usually begins with a general idea or theme, which I first investigate alone. This often gives me a chance to visualize the work I am creating on a bigger scale, and allows me to focus in on the targeted concepts. Soon after, I begin working and moving with my group, lying down base ideas to be extended in depth through their own interpretations during the process. I sometimes prepare phrases from my own investigation, but often use my company to generate movement. 

Isodoc Dance Group Mission Statement:
Isodoc Dance Group was formed with the choreographic intention of exploring the fusion of contemporary and break dance. It is our objective to challenge physical boundaries and consciously test our emotional elasticity. The work calls to attention the weight of ideas as they pull down and affect more or less than anticipated, often paralleling our chaotic and somewhat twisted subconscious. 

What artists are you influenced by? Why so?
Victor Quijada and Anne Plamondon of RUBBERBANDance Group are two of some of the most influential artists in my life. I began dancing at the age of 18 after seeing their company perform, and have trained with them over the past several years. I really connect to their movement technique and respect them highly as choreographers, and people.

We’re all physical beings! What’s your favorite part of the body and why?
Over the last few years, I would say the arms have slowly become my favorite part of the body. My work relies heavily on the upper body while on the floor, and in turn we find the weight distributed in our arms just as frequently as we do the legs. This allows us to continue to find new ways to absorb ourselves on and off the floor when exploring movement and choreography.

Say what you want to say! Have a quote you live by?
Favorite Quote : “Inquire within, nourish your soul”

Photo: Jeff Docimo

Photo: Jeff Docimo

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