Artist Spotlight No. 3: Caroline Brethenoux // El Human Animal

Know first about Caroline Brethenoux, choreographer and founder of El Human Animal and No. 3 of 13 presented artists during Volume V, Issue II. Influenced by the questions When does love leave us? and
When do we stop seeing the person next to us?, Caroline explores relationship's end in "Lo que queda de nosotros // What's left of us." Learn more about Caroline and El Human Animal on our Artist Spotlight. 


Photo:  51 Designz Production Group

Photo:  51 Designz Production Group

Three words that describe your choreography: 
Immersive, Profound, Animalistic

About Caroline Brethenoux
Originally from France, Caroline Brethenoux is a contemporary dancer/choreographer and Gyrokinesis ® & Gyrotonic ® teacher. She has performed with Complutum Contemporary Dance Company and DaDaDanza Project (Spain), and Projects in Movement and Company Contexte (Paris). In NYC, she has collaborated with Eryc Taylor Dance Company, Mare Nostrum Elements Dance Theatre Company, and BalaSole Dance Company. El Human Animal is Caroline's most recent choreographic endeavor.

About Caroline's Creative Process
I draw inspiration from life and the transformative experiences it has put me through. I focus on the animal instinct that arises in those experiences no matter how human and rational we try to be. My work is also influenced by visual arts. I drew inspiration from The Lovers by Magritte, which really matched my territory of investigation. My creative process started outside of the studio with the burning questions:

When does love leave us?
When do we stop seeing the person next to us?

Then I zoomed into those emotionally charged questions and investigated them at a physical level.

Do you work in other mediums other than dance? Any other special talents? 
My core medium is dance but I also collaborate with different artists through video dance, video arts and photography. I also love to investigate the movement underwater through dance video. I work part time in advertising, doing strategy. I feel like presenting in a boardroom full of people is like a performance and I turn into an actress. I am also a Gyrotonic and gyrokinesis teacher and I have a profound joy in sharing this practice with people and letting them redefine the boundaries of their body and their sensations.

What artists are you influenced by? Why so?
There are so many, I wish I could name them all… but here are a few:
- Ai Weiwei for his disruptive and unconditional commitment to the art form to make us rethink and express his politic view despite the Chinese censorship.
- Anish Kapoor for his sense of space and the way he immerses his art pieces in the landscape, transforming reality.
- Pina Bausch because of her outlook on life and her ability to transcend reality through poetry and humanity.
- Björk for her way to reinvent herself and keep investing in her art form while maintaining who she is.
- Autechre for his loops to get into the zone quickly to start working.
- Zoe Keating for holding on to music when everything else falls apart.

What is your most memorable moment as an artist, thus far?
I did a project in Paris last year with Compagnie Contexte. It was a collaboration with a visual artist, a musician and an actor. It was a guided improvisation on top of a building and I could use any stimuli from the surrounding or the text that was playing in loop. It was an immense moment of pure freedom and a strong feeling of being in the here and the now. 

View this work here.

We’re all physical beings! What’s your favorite part of the body and why?
The spine. Because of its expressive power. (and because I am a gyro teacher!)

Say what you want to say! Have a quote you live by? 
I live by so many quotes that I find in books or written on the street. Recently my sister gave me for my birthday this quote: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.” Vivian Greene.

Also I would like to take thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Current Sessions. It is an immense honor for me. 

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See El Human Animal present "Lo que queda de nosotros // What's left of us" in Volume V, Issue II., on Friday, August 21st at 7:30pm + Sunday, August 23rd at 3pm + Talkback.

Volume V, Issue II. is happening August 21-23, 2015 at the wild project.
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