Artist Spotlight No. 7: Niall Jones

Know first about Niall Jones - dancer, choreographer - and No. 7 of 13 presented artists during Volume V, Issue II. Niall doesn't have a philosophy of art or dance, but rather builds an archive filled with photographs, writings and sounds. From this archive, he composes performance and visual projects - learn more about Niall on our Artist Spotlight. 


Photo courtesy of PS122

Photo courtesy of PS122

Three words that describe your choreography: 
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About Niall
Niall Jones is a living artist in Brooklyn, NY. Niall (sometimes Niahl, other times Llain) composes systems and images of labor that function excessively and surreptitiously to dislocate the body (as object and subject) in performance. Niall has been presented at DanceRoulette, Movement Research, and Danspace Project's Parallels Series at St. Mark's Church, among others.

About Niall's Creative Process
I don't have a philosophy of art of dance
My creative process: take long walks at night. And take pictures of people.

Do you work in other mediums other than dance? Any other special talents?
I have a decent archive of photographs, videos, and sounds. I'm constantly working my way into and through the database of compressed materials to (re)compose sonic and visual projects. And writing is another wonderfully dizzying thing I do often.

What artists are you influenced by? Why so?
I won't say why, it'll take too many words, but I will list a few miraculous thinkers and makers: Claudia Rankine. Samuel Delany. Jose Muñoz. Kathe Kollwitz. Pier Pasolini. Zanele Muholi. Derek Jarman. Chris Ofili. Leiomy. Chantal Akerman. Wangechi Mutu. Serena Williams. Katya Zamolodchikova. John Waters. Jean Genet. Alejandro Jodorowsky. How to Dress Well.

Say what you want to say! Have a quote you live by?
I don't live by quotes - White reading Claudia Rankine's Citizen I arrived at a page that began with "An unsettled feeling keeps the body front and center." This I find to be a remarkable comment on the complex ways identity interfaces with social life and the spectacular somatic hailing of being othered.

Photo: Neil Johns

Photo: Neil Johns

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See Niall's work in Volume V, Issue II., on Friday, August 21st at 7:30pm + Sunday, August 23rd at 7pm.

Volume V, Issue II. is happening August 21-23, 2015 at the wild project.
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