Artist Spotlight No. 12: Ashley Robicheaux & Artists

Know first about Ashley, dancer/choreographer, artistic director of Ashley Robicheaux & Artists and No. 12 of 13 presented artists during Volume V, Issue II. Through dance, film, and live music, Ashley explores the relationship between bodies, space and the in-between. Learn more about Ashley on our Artist Spotlight and catch her during LAB // SESSIONS


Photo: Stephanie Crousillat

Photo: Stephanie Crousillat

Three words that describe your choreography: 
physical, experiential, theatrical

About Ashley
Ashley "Robi" Robicheaux is a dancer/choreographer and artistic director of Ashley Robicheaux & Artists, with a BFA in dance from NYU, working with choreographers Shannon Gillen, Crystal Pite, Kendra Portier, Pamela Pietro, and Chuck Wilt. Robi has taught and choreographed in the U.S. and Canada, including EDGE Performing Arts Center (LA) and SHIFT dance series (NYC). She has created several multimedia works, including The Hellerton, an evening of dance, film, live music, design, and poetry; Spaces Part 1: Interior (film + dance), and Spaces Part II: We, two (Dance, film, live music). She is currently performing in Sleep No More, and working with Third Rail Project's on their newest creation.

About Ashley's Creative Process
Say Yes. Try Again. Try a different way. Don’t become satisfied with what “feels good”. We can never know all the moves that exist in the world!  Work with other artists that challenge you in a good way.

Do you work in other mediums other than dance? Any other special talents?
Yes, I also work collaboratively in film both in front of and behind the camera. Special talents, im not sure, but I do enjoy acting and photography!

What is your most memorable moment as an artist, thus far?
- Dancing at Radio City for the entire Tisch School of the arts graduating class, at graduation.
- Making the first spaces film with Jake Saner
- A moment during our last  performance of “Spaces Part II: We, two” with my friend and collaborator Holly Sass, running towards each other with open arms!

We’re all physical beings! What’s your favorite part of the body and why?
The torso.. because of the many ways it can move, the things that can move through it, the shapes and images it can create.

Say what you want to say! Have a quote you live by?
I think it’s really important as a young artist to say yes in a creative process, unless something feels morally wrong to you.  I’m making it my goal to work with dancers and performers who aren’t afraid of trying things, because we have no idea what we can create until we TRY.

Photo: Nir Arieli

Photo: Nir Arieli

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See Ashley Robicheaux & Artists in Volume V, Issue II., on Saturday, August 22nd at 7:30pm + Sunday, August 23rd at 7pm.

Volume V, Issue II. is happening August 21-23, 2015 at the wild project.
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