Get to know Cross Move, a collaboration between creators Tsai Hsi Hung + Guang-Lei Hui, and 5 of 12 presented artists during our upcoming performance series, Volume VI, Issue I. from March 11 to 13, 2016. The combination of sculptural sketching and the motion of paint strokes inspire this duet to explore the use of body both as a visual work of art and as an instrument. Learn more about Cross Move on our Artist Spotlight and see their work in Program 02: Design Vs. Narrative + Program 04: Sound Score.


Photo on Left by Kelly Wang / Photo on Right by Leona Liang

Photo on Left by Kelly Wang / Photo on Right by Leona Liang

Three words that Describe your Choreography
Simple, Powerful, Original

From Taipei, Taiwan, Tsai Hsi Hung graduated from the Taipei National University of the Arts with continued studies in dance at Queensland Technology University in Australia. She has worked with Australian Dance Theater, Tasdance, and Chunky Move Dance Company, and has appeared on Australia's "So You Think You Can Dance." Tsai currently performs with White Wave Dance Company, and Abarrukas Dance Company and is co-artistic director of Cross Move with Guang-Lei Hui.

Guang-Lei Hui, from China, graduated from the Russian National Ballet Academy, majoring in classical ballet choreography and education, to then join the Russian State Balled as a soloist. In 2006, he received second prize in the Russian International Dance Competition before touring internationally with Guangdong Modern Dance Company (China), and presenting his work at the Yokohama Arts Festival. In the US, Guang-Lei has worked with Naini Dance Company, New York's White Wave Dance Company, Abarrukas Dance Company, and Shen Wei Dance Arts; he was also invited to participate in the International Choreographers Residency at American Dance Festival. Guang-Lei Hui is co-artistic director of Cross Move with Tsai Hsi Hung.

About Cross Move's Creative Process
We like to start with investigating the motion in the strokes of a painting. The movement, or lack of movement, brings about a sense of serenity which inspires us to create. For this particular work our creative process has been astoundingly smooth. We revisited our music collaboration  and the use of our dancers as instruments which resulted in variations of the ambience of the performance.

Courtesy of Cross Move

Courtesy of Cross Move

Do you work in other mediums other than dance/performance? If so, what, and how/why did you get into it?
Sculptural sketching is inspiring.

What is one of your most memorable moments of an artist, thus far?
It is always the closing of each performance, the moment when all has finished and I stand before the applauding audience as the curtains close.

Define “contemporary dance/performance” in your own words
The rhythm and mundanity of life.

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Connect with Guang-Lei Hui on Facebook + Instagram.

See Cross Move in Volume VI, Issue I., on Saturday, March 12 at 7:30pm + Sunday, March 13 at 7pm.

Volume VI, Issue I. is happening March 11 to 13, 2016 at the wild project.
See the full schedule and get tickets here.