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Exactly what is the CURRENT SESSIONS?
The CURRENT SESSIONS is a performing arts organization primarily working with contemporary dance, performance art, and participatory forms. We’re well known for our mixed-bill presenting series held twice a year, but we occasionally have pop-up performances, movement workshops for both dancers and people who want to move, and talkback discussions.

Does the CURRENT SESSIONS hold a physical space?
No. The CURRENT SESSIONS does not hold a physical location for our events. We’re usually in the East Village at the wild project during our mixed-bill presenting series (since 2011!), so in a way, it feels like a permanent home, however, it is not!

I like what TCS is doing for the dance and performance scenes - how can I support the organization?
Why thank you! We’re passionate about our mission, and are glad that you feel the same way too. You can support us by making a tax-deductible monetary contribution through Fractured Atlas, our fiscal sponsor, on our donation page. If you can't make a monetary donation, add us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and share our website to your personal networks!


How often does the CURRENT SESSIONS (TCS) performance series happen? When is a good time to apply?
The CURRENT SESSIONS performance series happens bi-annually each year, with applications happening in two cycles. The best time to apply for our March series is in mid-October/November; for our August series, in mid-April/May.

Is the series curated only from open call submissions?
No. TCS presents no less than 10 artists and no more than 13 artists per performance series, totaling 20 to 26 artists per year. 

Each series can combine:
- Guest artists invited on behalf of the CURRENT SESSIONS Administrative Team,
- Artists invited by guest curators or from other presenting partners, and
- Artists selected from applications. 

How do I know if my work is the right fit for the CURRENT SESSIONS?
Please look at both our criteria as well as our curatorial theme specific to the series in which you are applying for. Make sure that your current working style and/or artistic practice can authentically fit within these constraints. Be true to your interests!

Still have doubt? We’re happy to chat with you prior to submitting your application if you are unsure if your work fits the criteria. Email us at should you need a bit more direction!

Can I apply to the series with a new work?
Yes. When proposing a new work, make sure that the work sample aligns with the written proposal. We need as much information as possible to understand your work fully - make sure to be clear with your ideas and intention!

Does the choreographer or company need to reside in New York City in order to be presented?
No. However, artists who live outside New York City will need to coordinate their own transportation, housing, and travel expenses, if presented at TCS. We eventually would love to be able to provide these accommodations, however, our production budget does not allow us to do so just yet!

I have applied before, but my work did not get accepted. Should I apply again?
Yes. Both our curatorial theme as well as our guest curators change with each cycle. Your work may have not fit within the guidelines, and/or may have not fit with the artists who were selected in past series. It can be as simple as having too many performers on the stage, or not being as specific in your written proposal with your concept.

Can former selected artists from past series apply again / several times in a row?
Yes you may. However, your work must understand that TCS would like to keep the bill as diverse and as broad as possible. We usually allow 1 to 2 slots per series for former selected artists interested in applying again.

How else may an artist work with the CURRENT SESSIONS?
Currently, TCS has a mixed-bill series in which we present up to 13 artists per cycle twice a year. In addition, we have teaching and pop-up performance opportunities. Introduce us to your work and send us a link to your website - we’re always looking for fresh movers and shakers!

In the future, we’re looking to create a split-bill series, as well as to create other TCS mixed-bill series in other cities near you! Stay tuned!


I’m unsure if my work fits the Curatorial Theme - will that disqualify me if I do not fit within it?
Your work will not be disqualified if it does not fit the Curatorial Theme, however, you are at an advantage if your work does. The Curatorial Theme acts as a guideline for the curators to organize a cohesive evening of compelling work.

Written Proposal? Why can’t I just submit a Work Sample? Or vice versa?
We’ve read some of the best written descriptions from artists in the application process, as well as beautiful movement in a work sample. Yet sometimes, one of the categories falls short in an application. It is important for us to understand if you can articulate your dance into words, and vice versa! Having both powerful written proposal and work samples will present intention, clarity and maturity in your practice.

How do I know that my application has been received?
You will receive an email notification from no more than 4 days after you submit your proposal.

When will I hear back from TCS on my application?
You will hear about your acceptance no later than Friday, June 17, 2016.

I’m an international artist, and I need to pay my application fee, but am unable to do so with the link provided.
No problem! You can pay your application fee via PayPal by going to this link.

May I send my application in via snail mail?
Unfortunately, TCS can only accept digital applications on our apply page. If you are by all means unable to apply this way, write us at and we will try our best to accommodate you.


Who is curating this series?
Learn more about who's who on our curator page.

I’m a curator who is interested in curating performance. How do I become a guest curator for TCS?
Let us know who you are! Email us at with a short bio of yourself and a link to your website.


What happens when I’m accepted? What am I committed to?
Once your receive confirmation of acceptance via email, you will have to attend a required Artist Meeting in which you will read/sign your Letter of Agreement, as well as meet/greet your fellow choreographers. A date from Sunday, June 26 to Tuesday, June 28 will be chosen by the overall majority of the group.

In addition, you will have to fill out required forms such as an artist questionnaire for TCS blog, program information, and technical production information. We also ask for a few photos of you/your work to use for marketing purposes.

It may seem like a lot, but we make it as simple as possible. We create and share an assigned  Google Drive folder to you will all required forms already added in. All you need to do is fill out the forms due by the appropriate date, as well as drop your images in the folder.

I’ve applied in the past and had to pay a Production Fee in order to participate. Wasn’t there a “Production Fee” that I had to pay if I were accepted to present in the series?
Yes! Since we starting an open call for the performance series in 2012, artists had to pay a small fee of $125 if selected to present their work within our performance series. However, for the FIRST TIME EVER our August 2016 “Volume VI, Issue II.” series will grant each selected artist a $125 Artist Honorarium due to TCS receiving a grant from the Creative Engagement Fund from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, as well as photos, videos, and marketing materials for partaking in the series.

Why was there a Production Fee that choreographers had to pay in order to participate in the series?
The Production Fee of $125 was the bare minimum amount for artists to partake in the performance series in order to make ends meet with paying our lighting designer, technical director, photographer, and videographer. In return, you receive a great experience, beautiful/high quality photo/video, and a new network of artists! We've been through the application process as a choreographer with other series before, and have had to pay $300-800+ to get our work shown in addition to paying for photo and video.

Will the current Artist Honorarium of $125 fluctuate in future series of TCS?
Perhaps. Going forward, TCS would like to keep our Artist Honorariums at $125 (and hopefully more!), however, grants and fundraising may not be consistent, and fundraising efforts can always shift, so we can not guarantee that this particular amount will be available in March 2017. 


Any further questions should be directed at the correct email address:

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