LAB // SESSIONS - MARCH 10 - 12, 2015

with Chafin Seymour // seymour::dancecollective

Tuesday, March 10 from 12pm to 2pm
Intermediate/Advanced to Professional Level

Musical, Dynamic, Full - In this LAB, we will strive for our highest physical engagement with the body, concentrating on fluidity, musicality, and intellectual commitment. A cardio-based warm-up begins class, using dynamic range, weight, and focus, finding a way into our moving bodies. A series of exercises will then lead us to move in multiple directions, styles, and in/out of the floor with ease; yoga-infused lengthening, alignment and breath will follow. The second portion of class will include material from Median, the work to be performed at Volume V, Issue I. from March 13 - 15. The vocabulary incorporates multiple movement disciplines, including hip hop, capoeira, and release technique.

with Delphina Parenti + Betheny Merola // BELslide

Thursday, March 12 from 12pm to 2pm
Intermediate/Advanced to Professional Level

Physical, Instinctual, Detailed - LAB #3 is both for the mind and body, implementing Fencing techniques and conditioning, strengthening mental agility, body reflexes, and hand eye coordination. The power of observation, the understanding of strategy,  judgement and deduction are concepts in which we are interested in exploring within the mind through visualization. With led-improvisation and partnered interactions, we want to learn how balance is created, how to listen to physical instinct, and the interweaving of ecological and aesthetic values through physical practice.

Our movement vocabulary combines distorted classical dance, hyper-detail, instinct, cinematic captivity and unusual aesthetic. The sensations that we hope to discover are organic, unexpected, animalistic, and emotive.