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The CURRENT SESSIONS is a performing arts organization that develops and presents the work of emerging artists. Through the production of curated performances, residencies, artist-led laboratory sessions, and open discussions, the CURRENT SESSIONS acts as a center for creative research on contemporary dance and performance art. Our programs encourage a performing arts community that is innovative in thought, diverse in approach, and experimental in form.

Our mission is to cultivate high-caliber dance works by early to mid-career choreographers whose practice focuses on critical and aesthetic experimentation while demonstrating bold decision making and a honed sense of creative intuition. We aim to provide a place for movement-based practices to thrive in New York City, serving as a space for furthering contemporary choreographic and artistic expression.


 TCS x WEST, a 2015 initiative, is an annual performance series that will bring our successful models of curation, programming, promotion and presentation of the work of emerging and established choreographers to the art scene of Los Angeles. Exclusively presenting Los Angeles-based artists through the invitation of proposals, TCS x WEST will quickly establish itself as an organization that strengthens the fabric of the contemporary dance and performance communities in Los Angeles.

our story Founded in 2011 by young emerging choreographers with a like-minded aesthetic - Alexis Convento, Genna Baroni, Allison Jones, Yarden Raz, Jonathan Royse Windham and Yin Yue - the CURRENT SESSIONS began as a somewhat spur-of-the-moment decision to present an evening of their works at the wild project theater, after generously being offered one of the theater’s dark nights free of charge. Upon receiving positive feedback and acclaim from the community, the choreographers realized that they had already put into motion a model for sure success in the NYC dance world. In 2012, the wild project and CURRENT SESSIONS began an official partnership, whereby the SESSIONS are presented by the theater as part of its dance programming each season. Constantly expanding at an exponential rate since 2011, the CURRENT SESSIONS is now well-known for presenting thoughtfully-curated works by bold performance makers, innovative marketing strategy, eye-catching promotional materials, and superb communication with the artists it presents.



Ultimately, the CURRENT SESSIONS seeks to form a lasting partnership with a like-minded venue in Los Angeles that can become a West Coast home for our annual series. It is our preference to partner with a venue that wants to grow with us and engage in mutual promotion - a performance space that can offer itself as an in-kind donation (such as wild project does for us in NYC) - but we are amenable to paying a modest rental fee for the performances.


- Intimate, black-box type performance space with approx. 75-100 seats, for two consecutive weekend nights (preference: Friday/Saturday)
-  Any seating configuration: fixed or flexible
- Stage dimensions no smaller than 20’ x 20’
- Production + FOH staff helpful but not necessary



April             Secure venue for first SESSIONS (fall or winter)
June            Confirm choreographers presenting work
August            Press and promotional materials ready for distribution
September/October     Inaugural TCS x WEST SESSIONS
November/December    Follow-up & evaluation of program’s success



It’s no secret that L.A. has quickly accelerated as a major center for contemporary dance and performance in the last five years. As stated in this article (L.A. Times, October 2014), LA offers a wealth of opportunity: “the room for development, an openness to the new — and by a sense of a sea change,” and local dancemakers “reported a sharp increase in inquiries from highly trained dancers around the country.” With key players such as Benjamin Millipied and William Forsythe taking up residence in L.A., as well as the national prominence of L.A.-based dance companies including BODYTRAFFIC, Ate9 dANCE cOMPANY,  and L.A. Dance Project, it is clear that L.A. is now on the map as a close rival to NYC as the “Dance Capital of America.”


Seeing this trend occur, hearing about the success of our peers, and having made lasting connections with the Los Angeles-affiliated artists we have worked with over the years (Kevin Williamson, Roya Carreras, Tom Tsai, Lara Wilson), the CURRENT SESSIONS feels it is time to expand our horizons beyond New York City, to establish a presence in an equally cultural metropolis on the West Coast.



key team members 


Allison Jones  is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and arts administrator based in NYC. She holds a BFA Degree Cum Laude from the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College, SUNY, with a Certificate in Arts Management. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Allison attended the L.A. County High School for the Arts, made her debut as a professional dancer with LA Contemporary Dance Company at Highways Performance Space in 2005, and has shown her choreography at the El Portal Theater and Shakespeare Festival Theater. Additionally, Allison remains connected to the L.A. dance community through her mother, the renowned teacher and longtime EDGE Performing Arts Center faculty member Terri Best.

Allison has worked administratively with Gallim Dance, Brooke Broussard/Infinite Light Arts and LA Contemporary Dance Company, and was a Founding Choreographer for the CURRENT SESSIONS in July 2011, becoming Co-Creative Director in 2012, and Development Director/Curator in 2014. TCS x WEST is currently Allison’s main project with the CURRENT SESSIONS. Allison is passionate about bridging the gap between “emerging” and “established” artists while creating space for contemporary dance to thrive. Additionally, Allison has been a dancer at the Metropolitan Opera for four seasons and presents solo, group and multimedia dance works as Allison Jones Dance.


Alexis Convento, originally from Philadelphia, PA, is a NYC-based producer, maker and arts administrator, holding a BFA in Dance from Fordham University in conjunction with the Ailey School. Alexis develops choreographic works under Alexis Convento & Artists and collaboratively with other artists. Her works have been presented at Dixon Place, Baruch Performing Arts Center, WestFest Dance Festival and the Wassaic Summer Festival, among others. She also serves as Administrator and Production Coordinator at Gowanus Art + Production, and as faculty at the Joffrey Ballet's Jazz & Contemporary Program where she teaches Composition and Improv.

Since founding the CURRENT SESSIONS in July 2011, Alexis has become increasingly interested in providing enriching opportunities and experiences for dance and movement-based artists. Alexis is an advocate for collaboration between organizations, dialogue across genres, and development of partnerships within the dance and arts communities.



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