> Volume VI, Issue I. Artist Lineup Revealed!

Artist: Jeff Docimo // Isodoc Dance. Photo: Corey Melton.

Artist: Jeff Docimo // Isodoc Dance. Photo: Corey Melton.

The CURRENT SESSIONS presents the 10th edition of our biannual performances series, Volume VI, Issue I., from March 11 to 13, 2016 at the wild project theater in the East Village. From the highly-physical and the emotional to the visually striking and the clever, Volume VI, Issue I. organizes twelve artists within four curated collections of dancemaking - Female FormsDesign vs. NarrativeDistorting the Frame, and Sound Score - in order to capture the contemporary moving body and its ever-evolving self.

With works by: Alessandra Giambelli + Dancers, Charlotte Colmant, ChristinaNoel and the Creature, Holly Wilder // Wilder Project, Kathleen Kelley, Moriah Ella Mason, Project|Oracle, Teddy Tedholm // tedted Performance Group, and Tsai Hsi Hung + Huang-Lei Hui // Cross Move.

Guest artists to be announced soon. 

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