Katrina Reid in "f.i.e.l.d." Image: Corey Melton

Katrina Reid in "f.i.e.l.d."
Image: Corey Melton

An evening of risk and intimacy 
by Cameron McKinney / Routine Magazine

"MOVEMENT CURRENCY boasted an impressive and tastefully disorienting program in a theater that provided the intimacy needed for these intricate pieces to truly be seen."

Bobbi Jene Smith in "Desert" Image: Corey Melton

Bobbi Jene Smith in "Desert"
Image: Corey Melton

Exquisite Solos 
by Quinn Batson / offoffoff.com (PDF)

"Exquisite isn't a word to use often. The five pieces of Current Sessions' 03:Savings earn the word for different reasons, but each earns it."

Jessica Pretty in "the field." Image: Corey Melton

Jessica Pretty in "the field."
Image: Corey Melton

Currently at wild project 
by Eva Yaa Asantewaa / InfiniteBody (PDF)

"MOVEMENT CURRENCY's series resets the lineup for each show, with some repeats. So, your experience may be different but always an opportunity to discover, engage and be challenged."


The CURRENT SESSIONS: Volume V, Issue II. by Philip Gardner / Oberon's Grove
"I like everything about the CURRENT SESSIONS: I like the idea, I like the venue, I like like the relaxed yet attentive audience...and I've liked just about every work and dancer I've ever seen there. [The CURRENT SESSIONS] continues to put together strong programs and to offer their audience a chance to experience the work of new and mid-career choreographers in an intimate setting, with first-class lighting and sound."

Passing Currents by Tara Sheena / DIY Dancer
"The Current Sessions started out by wanting to fill a void. They have offered many young artists important opportunities in showcasing work that may not have had a stage otherwise. These dance-makers are just beginning to gain their footing as choreographers and initiatives like The Current Sessions have an implicit responsibility to both nurture and challenge the work they present."


What's Current with the CURRENT SESSIONS? by Eva Yaa Asantewaa / InfiniteBody
"Go for the variety and the possibility of discovery."

CURRENT SESSIONS: VOLUME IV, ISSUE II. by Philip Gardner / Oberon's Grove
"...getting dance and dancers seen in smoothly-produced and finely-lit repertory evenings"

the CURRENT SESSIONS: Volume IV, issue I. by Philip Gardner / Oberon's Grove
"an evening of dance that began on a very high note and maintained the level throughout the program"


VOLUME III, ISSUE II. by Philip Gardner / Oberon's Grove
"...a unique place on the NYC dance map."

How to Take Off a Shirt by Sophia Belen Strempek / Informal Floor
"...SESSIONS’ aesthetic, from graphic design to selected choreography, is of the hip and subtly provocative."

This Weekend, a Dance Festival Offers Film and Conversation as Well 
by Bayla Gottesman / Local East Village/NY Times
"...choreographers exploring emotionally charged subjects."


the CURRENT SESSIONS 2012 at the wild project by Emeri Fetzer / DancePulp
“If these current voices are to be the movement inventors of the future as Current Sessions hopes, it’s looking pretty good for us.”

the CURRENT SESSIONS by Sophia Strempek / Informal Floor
"...comfortable playing with extremes."


The CURRENT SESSIONS by Philip Gardner / Oberon's Grove
"The sold out crowd were keenly receptive to it all."

Five Folds of a Fabric by Quinn Batson / offoffoff
"No one missed and the mix was good"