“In the time the CURRENT SESSIONS has existed we have seen growth in both the popularity of the festival and in the caliber of the curated artists it presents. New York needs more places for talent to be fostered both in the performing and creating of dance and the CURRENT SESSIONS is becoming a viable place for this progress. The sizes of the audiences have increased over time as well, now attracting artists and directors from marquee and popular companies which shows this festival is catching on. It seems to be an initiative that both choreographers and dancers can both benefit from in terms of both artistic growth and networking for their career advancement. If it continues its model and hard work we are confident that the CURRENT SESSIONS will only grow to get better and more established.”

- Gregory Dolbashian / Loni Landon,  co-founders of The Playground

“The CURRENT SESSIONS is a platform for young talented artists to create, take risks, be pushed, be exposed, be seen, be experimenting. It has grown into the hearts of the audience, because it represents the voice of a new generation. And this voice is often suffocated by the lack of opportunities for artists to explore, create, and at times even fail.

The CURRENT SESSIONS is an exciting show that gives freedom to choreographers to express their vision, whether it's purely physical, theatrical, visual. The eye is pleased with a physicality is taken to the maximum: today's dancers in NYC have a hard time holding back their talent, which results into an explosion of technical fierceness.

The combination of loud choreographic voices and daring dance artists is a mix that can't fail. The CURRENT SESSIONS produces shows where the audience leaves feeling proud to be part of a strong movement that is dictating the future. You feel special, and you can't wait for the next one.”
- Lavinia Vago, The YC