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TCS x Spaceworks: LAB // SESSIONS

  • Spaceworks at Williamsburgh Library 240 Division Avenue, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)
TCS Lab Sessions by Jacob Hiss

TCS x Spaceworks: LAB // SESSIONS
August 15 to 18, 2016

The CURRENT SESSIONS is pleased to partner with Spaceworks for our upcoming LAB // SESSIONS, a workshop series, from August 15 to 18, 2016 featuring select artists from the Volume VI, Issue II: MOVEMENT CURRENCY performances. Workshops will take place from 9am to 11am at Spaceworks at Williamsburgh Library, and are pay-what-you-wish, with a suggested donation of $5 to $10 cash or credit card.

Image by Bill Shirley, courtesy of Staycee Pearl Dance Project.

Image by Bill Shirley, courtesy of Staycee Pearl Dance Project.

LAB #1: Gentle Spin Cycle
With Jasmine Hearn

Monday, August 15 from 9am to 11am
Post-Modern & Contemporary - Intermediate

Honey, Water, Spirals  - LAB #1 with Jasmine Hearn uses improvisation practices, guided imagery, and stretches to warm the body, in order to enter the space with the intention to move.  The class progresses as we learn phrase work and take the time to investigate each of our artistic voices.

Image: Brendan Drake by Whitney Browne.

Image: Brendan Drake by Whitney Browne.

LAB #2: It's Scary to be Human: A Creative Incubator
With Brendan Drake

Tuesday, August 16 from 9am to 11am
Improvisation + Creative Process - Intermediate / Advanced Level

Investigative, Musical, Theatrical - LAB #2 with Brendan Drake will serve as a safe space for investigating the spontaneity, humor and messiness of performance, with improvisation as a jumping point. By feeding into our creative impulses, we will shed away our preconceived notions of style and affectation (or just maybe use all of it), tapping into our own authentic performance eccentricities as we dive into more codified phrase work.

Image: Jessica Pretty by Jessie Young.

Image: Jessica Pretty by Jessie Young.

LAB #3: contemporaryTRAP
With Jessica Pretty

Wednesday, August 17 from 9am to 11am
Contemporary Styles - Intermediate / Advanced Level

Energetic, Highly Physical, Fun! - LAB #3 with Jessica Pretty comes from movement styles rooted in an Africanist aesthetic. Jessica grew up dancing in jazz classes, hip hop cyphers and nightclubs where the music was loud, and the pelvis was dropped. contemporaryTRAP will allow room for finding individual grooves and styles, as well as pushing the self with challenging choreography and movement ideals.

Image of Tara Aisha Willis by Beresford Bennett.

Image of Tara Aisha Willis by Beresford Bennett.

LAB #4: Listening In
With Tara Aisha Willis

Thursday, August 18 from 9am to 11am
Improvisation -  All Levels

Observation, Secrecy, Unexpectedness - Through extended improvisations of both movement and writing, LAB #4 with Tara Aisha Willis will bring our attention to our choice-making, how we practice observing eachother/ourselves, and how we consciously and unconsciously extend our intentions into the room. What are the secret scores we create within the instructions we’re given? Can we listen for the unexpected textures in preexisting [song, language, or choreographic] structures?

Spaceworks logo

Spaceworks is a nonprofit, cultural community development organization dedicated to expanding the supply of long-term, affordable rehearsal and studio space for artists in New York City. 

Spaceworks @ Williamsburgh Library, created in partnership with Brooklyn Public Library, features 4,000 square feet of multi-arts work space, including visual arts studios and rehearsal rooms, with inspiring and historic details of a 1903 Carnegie library. 

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